First basic technique ex

So this is part of a basic technique ex (the rest will come later) but it helps to train your hands to move from the bass to the ‘Snare’ sound on your cajon… It’s important to focus on doing this extremely slowly, concentrating mostly on the sound difference between bass and highs and making sure that each note is played out evenly, work on time control and sound and you will be a great player, pleasant to play with! 🙂

I do this ex at times even for up to 1 hour every day with a metronome, starting very slowly and gradually increasing the tempo… I know it might sound boring but once you start to be so into it that you get inside the ex and you can hear every stroke you play clearly and every sound is pleasant, you will find that your concentration and quality of playing is pushed to a next level!

Enjoy! There’s more patterns in this ex, Check out the video below for the others!
Here I share the ex (and some more variations) on video.

It trains your hands to move comfortably over the 2 basic sounds of the cajon (bass and nsare) and features 5 different patterns. Memorize it and then spend at least 5 min everyday doing this ex,gradually pushing up the speed as you progress.


  1. Min from Taiwan

    Hello Heidi, I’m very satisfied with every knowledge you shared about cajon. Thank you for sharing these with us, however the video about “ basic technique ex” seems lost.


  2. Gaby

    Hello Heidi, I’m really very very happy to have found your introduction to cajon. it took me a long time to find someone nice and at the same time capable to teach the percussion on this box. Thank you for helping me to this beautiful start.
    Big Hug,


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