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  1. Brizzo

    Hi Heidi! I’ll be coming to London at the end of the month for a couple weeks. Will you be performing anywhere towards the end of November to the beginning of December?
    It would be great to catch you live!


    Not much to say, just I Love You! Thank you for your existence.

  3. Joseph Daniels

    After reading your story, I truly appreciate who you are and your musical background. Thank god again for another great musician.

  4. Darren Swann

    Hello Heidi,
    I would just like to introduce myself and say hello as I’m a beginner with the cajon and i just love the sound.Darren

  5. Elias

    Hi Heidi.
    This is Elias from Mexico.
    I only want to say that i was looking for an instrument that makes me happy. I found my soul in the Caj贸n, and you inspiring to me. Thanks a lot.
    I have my own Caj贸n, but i am thinking about buying one of yours…do you have delivers to Mexico?

    • Heidi Joubert

      Certainly we post to mexico! 馃檪

    • K. Kluge

      I found my soul in the Caj贸n…
      An amazing comment, because this is precisely what happened to me. Not something I would ever have expected, much less foreseen. An unlikely epiphany in unlikely circumstances. This is a most marvellous instrument, and I truly do believe that that is because of its past, because of the fact that it is living proof that not only can you not really enslave a human being, no matter how hard you try, you can also not take away his voice – his instrument. You put him in chains, take away his chords, and he ends up sitting on a box once used to ship cod.
      The Caj贸n is freedom, the Caj贸n is independence, the Caj贸n is the triumph of intelligence over stupidity.
      I’m going to drop by and check out your… Caj贸ns, Madame Joubert!
      K. Kluge

      • Heidi Joubert

        Hahahah Awesome comment thanks!!! 馃檪 You would be most welcome anytime


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