The Cajon is a very simple yet amazing percussion and it is widely used all over the world in almost every style of music.

The cajon is a box drum played with the hands, fingers and brushes. It can also be played with your feet or really any object.

The Cajon is sat upon and played upon the face (front panel) of the box with your hands and fingers. You can also get different tones and notes out of a

cajon by applying pressure to the front panel (face) with the heel of your foot or your hands whilst striking it with the other hand.

Due to the amazing range of sounds and the different timbres, It is many times referred to as a drum kit in a box and is used as such.

Fernando's Kitchen band

The cajon is any percussionists or drummers dream! No hassle with loads of drums and equipment, just a box with an amazing sound, and loud enough to be used accoustic, even in concert!

Heidi Joubert has now partnered with the makers of the cajon she had been playing for years, a very well esteemed and higly successful company called Prk. They make awesome cajons!  And adding to this, Heidi Has now also added to her shope her brand new signature line cajon brand, called Cruz Cajon.

“It might be hard to find a prk stockist in your country, I had to go to Spain to buy my first prk cajon, but it was worth it! So I have partnered with prk to give cajon players the option of having one of these fine cajons too.”

“I am very proud to say that is the only place where you can find the Prk range available for the UK (amongst others) and the only one who posts out worldwide. Check out the PRK range page listed below!”

Heidi Joubert


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