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“I love Heidis’ cajon instruction videos. I’m disabled & took up playing the didgeridoo a few months ago to treat my sleep apnea. I had notice that a lot of didge players also played cajon so I went to guitar center & picked 1 up. I have had a stroke in the past so even though as a 20 year old I could play drums fairly well now my left side isn’t as open to communication as it once was. Heidis’ teaching videos help me keep from getting to frustrated & also open me up to other rythms than r&r.”- tiger weedz
“By far the BEST Cajon player i’ve ever heard.. Thanks for all the tips on your video’s.. Music was my life for over 20 year’s and i lost that passion about 8 year’s ago due to a very long story.. lol. I just started playing the Cajon 2 months ago at our church. My Pastor said to me: your playing Cajon today and i said: come on Jack, you know i dont have it any more lol. Well now i cant get off of it, i love it, and it’s brought back a little spark of passion. But this time around im playing for Jesus.. I use to be a songwriter/singer/producer. I was on tour in 2004, had a single out, some radio time and in a flash lost it all. All i wanted to say is: Thanks for the lessons, and im really wanting one of your Cajon’s. God has really Blessed you. Take care…. “- Jason Ryan
“Brilliant. Inspired me to make my own cahon which I now use to good effect in our band.” – Pete Ranger
“Wow, thank you! As a returning musician, i was looking for a percussion instrument to pick up, considering mainly the darbuka, tabla and cajon. While all are awesome instruments each in its own right, you’ve definitely swayed me towards the cajon as my first choice with this vid (I also write hip hop). Thanks again!”
“Really like your instructional vids, Heidi…simple, yet not “spoon-feeding”, if you know what I mean. I just recently built my own cajon, after I had played for a band where the drum kit was, survey says, a cajon!! I learned the bodhran a few years back as I play a lot of Irish music, but I’ve always wanted a drum kit….now I have one! Thanks for your expertise with the cajon! I hope Fernando’s Kitchen makes it to the states sooner rather than later!!” Dan Cartlidge
“Thanks for the great lessons. 🙂 I just managed to stumble on your channel. Really liked the Bulerias tutorial. It pretty much opened my mind to the things you can do with a cajon. By the way, I really like the design and the sound of your cajon.”


  1. Pedram

    Heidi I’m loving your work and lesson on Cajon. You ave a great way of breaking down the beats and patterns and going through them with the beginner in mind. Keep it going!

  2. phil kirk

    Ordered my cajon at the end of September, it was shipped out from Spain on the 5th October and arrived in Plovdiv, Bulgaria on the 9th. Fantastic! and no taxes to pay! I’m an ex-drummer of 30 years in the UK now living in Bulgaria, I have a djembe and a Turkish hand drum – I’m limited to hand drums as I don’t have transport here and getting a little too old now for gigging with a large drum kit. Saw Heidi busking in Cambridge in August 2011 and loved the sound of her cajon and the music of her band Fernando’s kitchen so I bought their CD. My brother plays flamenco and jazz guitar. So here we are a year later, came across her website with the lessons etc… and decided to buy a cajon for my birthday which is some day soon and to add to my collection. Have already started her lessons. The cajon is great quality and was fresh from the factory – number 5. Here’s wishing heidi great success.

    • Heidi Joubert

      Aaaw Phil thats very very sweet of you to leave such nice feedback, I am sincerely pleased that you like your number 5 Cruz Cajon!!1 So you have number 5 of the Cruz Cajon of the model and string system you bought!!! 🙂 One of the first huh!!! Well enjoy it, and try not to annoy the neighbours too much! Oh, and much success with the flamenco rhythms man, give me a shout if you need any help with it! 🙂
      Cajon love

      • Maria

        Hello Heidi: I’m new to the Cajon, and have been watching your video lensoss. You are a very good instructor. Thank You for sharing your time and talent. I appreciate it, very much. I hope to trade up to a PRK some day. I also enjoy the video’s of you Folks, busking. So Cool. I live near Nashville, Tennessee USA Music City. Maybe Fernando’s Kitchen, will play Nashville sometime. The Web site is Great! Catching any of the Olympic games? Or busking for the crowds? Thanks Again, Best Regards: Marty

        • Heidi Joubert

          Hello Marty!
          Thanks for this wonderful comment! It’s always great to hear how people find my videos useful! We might possibly be around the USA for a tour within the next 2 years, so keep an eye out!!! Yes, been busking a lot with Fernando’s Kitchen to the olympic crowd, but now that Chirstmas time is almost here, it is even bussier! 🙂


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