Cajon & Handpan (aka Hang)

Here’s a video of the Cajon and Handpan in action, featuring Giovanni Spadoni from Italy. We perform an improvised version of Giovanni’s song ‘Love trip’. We just got together and made this video on the same day. We’ll be doing another one again soon!

THe hardpan is a very interesting instrument, I tried it myself and I might possibly get one, though they are hard to get ahold of! 🙂
What do you think? Do you like THis combination?


  1. Amy

    Wow!! That was pretty magical! I’d be very interested to see more of this!!

  2. jeff

    hey that’s cool! the dry cajon sound compliments the wet sound of the handpan nicely. I’d be curious to see what happens if you guys switched instruments!

  3. Elena

    Meraviglioso!!! Complimenti per la grinta e l’empatia… è molto interessante l’abbinamento del cajon con l’hang… questo del video ha un suono accattivante… in che scala è intonato? So che esistono vari handpan e ognuno differisce dall’altro. Esattamente dove si può acquistare l’aka hang? Vorrei imparare a suonare entrambi gli strumenti e spero che Giovanni possa darmi un’indicazione.


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