Modern Method for Cajon by Heidi Joubert

COMING July 2021

This is a comprehensive, interactive step-by-step method for cajon, with techniques and lessons developed by me throughout my fifteen year journey on the cajon. This method sets a solid foundation for any level of player, covering everything you need to know in order to become a great cajon player! It’s a complete, structured video method, featuring in-depth training, beginning with the most basic level and progressing onto intermediate and finally advanced levels. The method is strategically complied so that each lesson builds upon the next. Learn to play the cajon in a fun, very easy, practical step-by-step approach, and best of all you get to practice and play along with me as you progress!


  • Practise-along parts With practise-along videos to each lesson (you get to practise along with Heidi as you learn) Each practise-along video has in-depth practise, beginning slowly and ranging over various tempos for ideal progress as you learn and practise
  • Play-along songs Play along videos to each groove lesson, so you get to apply your freshly-learnt grooves with Heidi & band, putting the grooves into context with real music and musicians.
  • 4 Different camera angles 4 different camera angles capturing all the angles needed for optimum learning and developing the proper technique.
  • Written music notation So you can learn to read rhythm and patterns, exercises & grooves as you go.
  • Original music composed specially for the play-along parts of this method Features original songs by Heidi for the play-along parts!
  • Filmed in 4K quality with professionally recorded audio so you get the best of the best.
  • Tried & tested for the ultimate results to ensure the optimum progression As well as using this method herself, Heidi has used it to train thousands around the world in her workshops and master-classes over the past 15 years. The results have helped shape and develop her final method.
  • Levels: From Novice to advanced, all levels of players will benefit from this method and the lessons.
  • Learn to play live with a band with our specifically tailored play-along songs

Modern Method for Cajon

Overview & introduction Video

A short video where Heidi Joubert introduces the Modern Method and gives a quick overview on what the course entails.

The Method is strategically compiled so that each lesson builds upon the next. Unlike many of the lessons on youtube or other social media sites which are simply random, the Modern Method takes you on a journey of discovering the cajon and structured learning using a very organised and methodical approach. The Method is the very same method Heidi Joubert developed to train herself to play the cajon. It is the best way to learn to play the cajon in a very easy, fun and practical step-by-step approach, and best of all, you get to practise and play along with Heidi as you progress. Learn at your own pace & from the comfort of your home. Heidi Joubert is your very own personal cajon coach at your disposal wherever you are.

A formalized Cajon method covering the fundamentals on how to properly play the cajon.

An educational module – a Step by step instructional method for new & existing players on how to play the cajon.

This covers the fundamentals, looking at the basic sounds, the correct hand placement and striking technique for each sound, with exercises to build up accurate technique, muscle memory, excellent sound, all the while strengthening  your hands, and promoting healthy posture. The module covers a wide range of grooves & rhythm patterns over various music genres and focuses on how to play along in a group setting or live band. It is a complete course, covering all you need to know to become an accomplished cajon player.


Modern Method for Cajon / Part 1

Playing time: 6hrs 6 mins of in depth teaching and lessons.)

Videos: Collectively compiled contains 65 videos lessons, practise and play along.

Part 1 of the Method consists of 3 main sections:

Cajon Basics

(Playing time: 40 mins / 9 Videos)

The foundational part. Learning all about proper technique to play the cajon, how to tune your cajon, different types of cajons, stretching & warming up exercises, how to practice, and the correct seating position for a healthy posture.

Technique & Rudiments

(Playing time: 1hr 48 mins / 7 Technique & Rudiment lessons / 9 Technique Exercises / 17 Videos)

A range of fundamental & practical exercises focused on building a strong foundation for your playing and developing the perfect technique with a beautiful sound. These exercises will not only set a firm foundation for you as a cajon player but they will help you progress much faster as you learn your grooves. Each Lesson includes intense practice-along to ensure you learn the correct technique from the start.

Rhythms & Grooves

(Playing time: 3hrs 37 mins / 5 Groove lessons / 17 Groove patterns / 39 Videos)

A wide variety of different rhythm & groove patterns covering a varying genres & styles. Each groove lesson has a few different groove pattern variations so you get in depth learning on each groove & style. With intensive practice-along parts you will learn each pattern thoroughly before moving on to the next.  Each groove has a play-along song so that once you have learnt the groove pattern and practised it diligently, you can enjoy the reward of putting what you have learnt into context with music and real musicians.


There are more parts to the method coming soon so you can keep learning and growing into the finest cajon player you can be, all from the comfort of your home and at your own pace! Part 2 is due to be released Autumn 2021.


Below is some examples of the different sections and lessons of the modern method for cajon by Heidi Joubert

Overview & introduction to the Modern method for cajon by Heidi Joubert

Cajon Basics lesson 9 / Basic sounds, hand placement & striking technique lesson

Technique & rudiments lesson 1 exercise 1 / Single stroke

Rhythm & Groove lesson 1 variation 1 / Rumba Catalan