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Did you know I love to sing & write my own songs?

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Wandering Home Original song


I was in South Africa in December 2014 and had a few hours in the studio with my friends, we just jammed on this song which is one of my latest original songs I wrote in 2014. We decided to film it, just for fun. This is the first and only take we did, the musicians are great and it was just so much fun to do this! I fully intend to record this again properly, I feel there is a slight bit too much reverb on my voice on this mix, but I still like it.

Aretha Franklin ‘I Say A Little Prayer’ Acoustic Cover


Got together with a bunch of awesome musicians and some students of Hurtwood House, UK. We literally met up in the Morning, we had never played or sang together before. We decided upon the song and practised together, then filmed live the same afternoon. I am pretty happy with the result, there certainly was magic and great energy between us as we created this! I LOVE Frankie’s voice, and how well our voices fit together.

Uncaged by Heidi Joubert

A spontaneous improvisation that happened while I was visiting the beautiful nature reserve in Hungary. This lookout post is made of metal and has an incredible sound! I really enjoyed freely expressing myself in the middle of the most beautiful scenic nature.

Sweet Summer Song live


One of the songs I wrote in a most intense times of my life!  Here I perform it live at the London Guildhall concert hall for the Prince’s trust awards ceremony. Amazing sound! Accompanied by the amazing Luca Farraone. I plan to record this song very soon. It has a very personal meaning to me, like every song I write.

The viral subway jam video


This was one of the most amazing moments of my life! So spontaneous and free, and everyon in the train seemed to come alive with us! Did you know there are 3 more videos of this session on my youtube channel? This was the 2nd song we played on that night on the train in Frankfurt. I am planning to do some more videos with Kiddokat and Ozzy Lino in the future!

Ted X Talk / Break the Box

by Heidi Joubert

I got the honour to be invited to do a Ted X talk in the beautiful city of Cesena in Italy. I had so much fun here! I was only sad that the sound engineer forgot to add my ‘reverb & delay’ effects on my voice for the first song.

Busking / Street Performing

I used to busk every day for a long time, busking means playing music on the streets. I had to do this when I moved to London from South Africa from the age of 18 as a means to support myself. I actually wanted to study Jazz music in London but I had no finances, and instead ended up doing this. I consider this the best university I could ever have gone to! It is on the streets where I first played cajon and throughout these years I taught myself to play. Here in this video I play with my first band called ‘Fernando’s Kitchen’. This song is an original and is called ‘Gitano Moro’. Here we play in the beautiful city of Cambridge.

The first subway jam video

This was the first song that we played on the famous subway jam ride. This was how it started…. and this was one of the most amazing moments of my life! So spontaneous and free, and everyone in the train seemed to come alive with us!

Pump up the jam!

Hangbox Project / Improv Jam


We only had about 1 hour before the sun went down to film and we didn’t meet up to play since our last filming of the first cajon & hang video in 2012, so this was a pure, spontaneous, improvised jam session! This is the first take and we think it came out pretty well. We even plan to record an album together soon. We filmed in the Epping Forrest in London during the bloom of the blue bells (see the blue/purple flowers in the backdrop of the video). These blue bells only bloom for about 1 month and we caught them just a few days before they dilapidated, it’s so special to have them in the picture. I hope you all enjoy the video and the music.

Heidi Joubert & Kiddokat live concert

Heidi Joubert & Kiddokat plays Jimi Hendrix blues tune ‘Red House’ live in Frankfurt @ the open exchange summit 2016. This is one of my favouritze songs to sing, I simply love it!

Hangbox Project – Jacob’s Ladder

The song is called ‘Jakob’s Ladder’ and was filmed spontaneously with some friends of mine one Saturday afternoon at the start of the Pandemic in 2020. It started out as just a jam idea and we ended up filming it outdoors in the Springtime, completely ad hoc and in the moment. 🙂 It was filmed with one iphone and completely live and spontaneous. Enjoy!

Hangbox Project / By the River


Another hang box vid, this time we are right by the thames river and Portuguese hang player Geronyom plays with me on this track. Enjoy!


Heidi Joubert Stand by me


Heidi having a fun jam in the balcony of her friend in Zurich, she’s playing and singing stand by me! Enjoy! X


Hangbox Project / Love trip


Heidi Joubert & Giovanni Spadoni playing a song called Love trip (written by Giovanni) on Cajon and Hang. This is the first clip in a trilogy of videos about the cajon and hang. See the other video of the cajon and hang as well as the interview about the hang on my youtube channel. For more of Giovanni’s Hang compositions, go to