Cruz Cajon Pro Leon Model

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Handcrafted with the best ‘Finest russian birchwood’ and perfectly finished for maximum quality and sound, ensured endurability for years to come. This cajon is pure quality! It is effortless to get an awesome sound out of this outstanding instrument, even as a total beginner. Ease of playability, rich tone and separation of the basses and highs are effortless to achieve with this ‘box’ drum.
Now with our new and improved tuning system that helps prevent buzzing and rattles common to cajones.

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Cruz-cajon Cruz-cajon Cruz-cajon Cruz-cajon Cruz-cajon
Cruz cajon is Heidi Joubert’s bespoke signature cajon line handmade in Spain by our passionate and experienced artisan who takes pride in delivering outstanding professional instruments made with the utmost love and care, who also happens to love music, particularly percussion and plays flamenco cajon himself! 🙂
Our Cruz Cajon Pro produces a superbly professional sound at a starter price. It has beautiful tone, with a neat separation between the highs and lows, and unlike other cajones in this price range which lack a lot of low end, it has a surprisingly deep and powerful bass. Sharp top and warm deep bass.
This is certainly one of the best cajons on the market for it’s price, quality and sound.
Handcrafted with the best ‘Finest russian birchwood’ and perfectly finished for maximum quality and sound, ensured endurability for years to come. This cajon is pure quality!  It is effortless to get an awesome sound out of this outstanding instrument, even as a total beginner. Ease of playbility, rich tone and seperation of the basses and highs are effortless to achieve with this ‘box’ drum.
The body of all our Pro Models are now made with Birchwood, a much higher quality wood than the MDF used for cajons in this price range. The body is a natural light wood colour due to the new wood used for the body, the frontboard of the Pro Leon remains the same natural wood colour with black Logo designed by Heidi Joubert. We have also improved the string tuning system immensely, you can tune all the strings from one single knob now situated on the bottom front of the cajon, so you can easily adjust your tuning (tighten or loosen the strings for more or less ‘snare’ sound) in playing position while you are sitting on the cajon instead of having to get off the cajon top tune it from behind. This is very useful especially in a live situation while you are playing!
These changes improves on the sound and practicality of the cajon. I am certain you
will really enjoy these ‘upgrades’!
The making of the cruz cajon
After the handcrafting process, each cajon is finely tuned and then taken through a testing phase and approved by our professional cajon team (Heidi personally plays, checks and tunes each cajon herself, sometimes she packs them herself too 🙂 to ensure it matches the highest possible standard, no other cajon in this price range can match this quality or standard!
Outstanding Handmade instruments and great for your posture and developing a good technique
The sound quality is superb and so is the playing action, with an extremely fast rebound action that makes it almost effortless to play. The bass “sweet spot” is situated as high as possible, just below the “snare” for the optimum posture when playing the cajon. It has a rageously loud bass with a beautiful resonance and a neat, crisp attack on the highs. The separation between the highs and the lows is very neat and distinct, needless to say these are fabulous for live playing, acoustic playing and recording! It is really almost effortless to get a great sound out of the cruz cajon!
Does not come with a bag
Differences in colours (ie toro or leon) is purely cosmetic and has no effect on the actual sound.
Available in black (Cruz “Toro” model) or natural (Cruz “Leon” model)
More colour and customised options coming soon!

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 50 cm

Leon Cruz Cajon


Natural & Black


Finest Brichwood (Frontboard/Tapa), Cedar wood and Fibre Glass (body)


2 guitar strings tunable by 2 tuning knobs on back of cajon.

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6 reviews for Cruz Cajon Pro Leon Model

  1. Denise Moser

    I could not be happier with my new cajon! It sounds amazing, and is beautifully made. I love how playing it makes me feel, and look forward to becoming a better player. Highly recommend…

  2. Stephen (verified owner)

    The cajon is wonderful!!
    An beautiful sound and an excellent purchase!!!
    Delivery is immediate, 3-4 days.
    Thank you very much! I’m Happy!!

  3. Sarah from GoneCajon and UK (verified owner)

    I am absolutely delighted with the Cruz Cajon Pro. It has a very clean tone and the bass is amazing. The finish is immaculate. 10 out of 10 xx love it thank you.

  4. jean marie (verified owner)

    Hey everybody,
    You know what ? I’m HAPPY !
    Cause I ordered last wednesday a pro leon and yersteday it were at my home… in South of France (sorry for my bad english) it’s very good, no ?
    I really love this instrument, it’s a real pleasure to play on it and it is a beautiful box… WHICH HAD A BIG BEAUTIFUL SOUND !
    Thank’s a lot Heidi for your music, your instruments, and your kindness
    Cajon love
    Jean Marie

  5. Anand Gopal

    I live in India and I recently ordered a Cruz Cajon from I must say, the experience so far has been nothing short of fantastic!
    1. Shipping: The Cajon was at my doorstep really, really fast. The packaging was great and protected the Cajon well. As an added benefit, there was tons of bubble wrap to play with (everyone loves Bubble Wrap :)).
    2. The Cajon itself: I’ve played the Tabla/Drums for many years and I’m enjoying the transition to a Cajon. I also own a Pearl Cajon but the CruzCajon sounds much, much fuller and sweeter. Doesn’t hurt that it looks sexy too!

  6. Dianna Burrup (verified owner)

    I am a Djembe player and purchased the natural Leon Cruz Cajon. After 6 weeks of spending time with Heidi’s online tutorials, playing live with my band and recording it in my studio, I am absolutely thrilled with how much this instrument adds musically, how clean it sounds and how much FUN it is to play! The quality and workmanship is outstanding. I would HIGHLY recommend this instrument to anyone interested in learning Cajon.
    — Dianna Burrup, from Broken Arrow, OK, USA

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