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cruz-cajon cruz-cajon
Cruz cajon is Heidi Joubert’s bespoke signature cajon line handmade in Spain by our passionate and experienced artisan who takes pride in delivering outstanding professional instruments made with the utmost love and care, who also happens to love music, particularly percussion and plays flamenco cajon himself! 🙂
Our Cruz Cajon Pro plus produces a superbly professional sound at a starter price. It has beautiful tone, with a neat separation between the highs and lows, and unlike other cajones in this price range which lack a lot of low end, it has a surprisingly deep and powerful bass. Sharp top and warm deep bass.
The Pro Plus has an extra separate tuning knob to individually tune each guitar string (which runs up and down the frontboard of the cajon on the inside). The Plus has 2 doubled guitar strings which are doubled up.
This is certainly one of the best cajons on the market for it’s price, quality and sound.
Handcrafted with the best ‘Finest russian birchwood’ and perfectly finished for maximum quality and sound, ensured endurability for years to come. This cajon is pure quality!  It is effortless to get an awesome sound out of this outstanding instrument, even as a total beginner. Ease of playbility, rich tone and seperation of the basses and highs are effortless to achieve with this ‘box’ drum.
With the new improved string tuning system, you can tune both doubled strings from its own individual tuning ‘knob’, now situated on the bottom front of the cajon, so you can easily adjust your tuning (tighten or loosen the strings for more or less ‘snare’ sound) in playing position while you are sitting on the cajon instead of having to get off the cajon top tune it from behind. This is very useful especially in a live situation while you are playing!
These changes improves on the sound and practicality of the cajon. I am certain you
will really enjoy these ‘upgrades’!
The making of the cruz cajon
After the handcrafting process, each cajon is finely tuned and then taken through a testing phase and approved by our professional cajon team (Heidi personally plays, checks and tunes each cajon herself, sometimes she packs them herself too 🙂 to ensure it matches the highest possible standard, no other cajon in this price range can match this quality or standard!
Outstanding Handmade instruments and great for your posture and developing a good technique
The sound quality is superb and so is the playing action, with an extremely fast rebound action that makes it almost effortless to play. The bass “sweet spot” is situated as high as possible, just below the “snare” for the optimum posture when playing the cajon. It has a rageously loud bass with a beautiful resonance and a neat, crisp attack on the highs. The separation between the highs and the lows is very neat and distinct, needless to say these are fabulous for live playing, acoustic playing and recording! It is really almost effortless to get a great sound out of the cruz cajon!
Does not come with a bag
Differences in colours (ie toro or leon) is purely cosmetic and has no effect on the actual sound.
Available in black (Cruz “Toro” model) or natural (Cruz “Leon” model)
More colour and customised options coming soon!

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 50 cm

Toro Cruz Cajon


Natural & Black


Finest Birchwood


Our new and improved tuning system features 4 guitar strings which are separately tuneable with 2 tuning knobs, no need for allen keys

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10 reviews for Cruz Cajon Pro Plus Toro Model

  1. Amina Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Hello Heidi,

    My Cruz Cajon Pro Plus Toro Model came today and I am soooo excited! It is so very beautiful and the sound is amazing! I have no experience with Cajons so this is a new adventure for me, I cannot wait to get to get to know “her” 🙂 I have to thank you for sending it so promptly, I was amazed how soon I got it! Thank you so much for the inspiration and for the light of brilliance you shine in this world, it’s so appreciated!

    Here is my original note I sent via email after I made the order:

    Hello Heidi,

    I do hope you do read my email, I am a huge fan of your work! I am so excited I just finally built the courage to order your Cruz Cajon Pro Plus Toro Model! I just wanted to let you know that I am a 48 year old grandmother and was so inspired by your tremendous talent about 5 years ago when I first discovered you. You are amazing, woman! I always loved singing and guitar but have also had such a desire to drum something, anything! I’ve just done a little drumming in drum circles 🙂 But I’ve been wanting a Cajon since I first found you on youtube. Thank you so much for inspiring me to do something musical again! I cannot wait to get the Cruz Cajon Pro Plus Toro Model!

    Much love and many blessings your way lovely lady!
    Amina Rodriguez
    Clearwater, FL

    • heidijoubert

      Hello Amina!

      I LOVE your review here, thank you!!!! I am so so happy to hear you love your new Cruz Cajon, keep on rocking out!

      Big hug

      Heidi Joubert

    • heidijoubert

      Hello Amina

      Your words are pure life to me, thank you!!!! So much love and blessings and light to you!


  2. Yves

    Hello Heidi
    I can’t find out how to post an order. Did you desactivated the shop? are you still seeling them? Do you post to Australia?

    Wishing you all the best.
    I love what you do!
    Take care
    Kind Regards


    • heidijoubert

      Hello Yves

      Thanks for writing to me! My shop Is not deactivated no, but I do see that when you go to a selected product page the option to buy it is not there at the moment, this is because my website has recently been updated so there is some features that I must still update and I missed this one! However, you can place an order if you go directly to the shop page, you can simply click on the Pro Plus Toro ‘ Add to Cart’ Button and then click ‘view cart’ button, which will take you to the checkout page to place your order. If you want to add multiple items, simply go to the shop page again and click on the ‘add to cart’ button on the relevant product. I really hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions or problems with your order 🙂 And a big big thank you for visiting my website, it means a lot to me! Big Cajon love, Heidi x

  3. david watson

    when will you have stock of model pro plus toro please ???

    • heidijoubert

      Hello David! It just got back in stock, ready to be posted! 🙂 I try them all myself, they are really great!

      Let me know if you need any help with placing your order.

      Thanks for visiting my site, it means much to me!

      • david watson




        • heidijoubert

          Hello David

          Thanks for writing to me! I am aware that when you go to a selected product page the option to buy it is not there at the moment, this is because my website has recently been updated so there is some features that I must still update, I’ll get it sorted very soon. However, you can place an order if you go directly to the shop page, you can simply click on the Pro Plus Toro ‘ Add to Cart’ Button and then click ‘view cart’ button, which will take you to the checkout page to place your order. If you want to add multiple items, simply go to the shop page again and click on the ‘add to cart’ button on the relevant product. I really hope this helps! If you still have issues with it, please send me a screenshot if you can to and I’ll resolve it for you, and please let me know if you have any other questions or problems with your order 🙂 And a big big thank you for visiting my website, it means a lot to me! Big Cajon love, Heidi x

  4. Dean Young (verified owner)

    This is the best Cajon on the market for this price. I’ve tested all the big brands and the Cruz Cajon is the best by far. It has a beautiful rebound and feel even with the lightest of touches and the sweet spot are all in fingers reach nice and high up so you won’t have to bend over searching for it. I’m so happy I bought a Cruz Cajon they sound amazing and the clarity between snare and bass are so clear. I don’t normally do reviews but I believe this deserves one.
    Dean Young
    Cajon player for Byzantium lane band Pop/rock

  5. Jun Liang (verified owner)

    I will defiantly recommend this model to any beginner or amateur cajon player.
    I have owned a Stagg and tried playing Schlagwerk. The sound quality of Cruz Cajon was better. The snare and bass was supreme.
    The workmanship of this cajon was at the top quality. It is an art that produce awesome rhythm for your band.
    Love it!

  6. Scott Goebel

    It is with great pleasure and admiration that I post this review…….
    My Cajon “journey” started several months ago when my band mate asked me if I had ever tried playing a Cajon. He told me to google Heidi Joubert so I did. WOW!!!! I was blown away by your playing (and your appearance….I’m not gonna lie). I immediately fell in love with the cajon and decided I had to buy one.
    I did some research online and at my local drum shop as I was only familiar with the typical brands like LP, Pearl,Meinl,etc. I had pretty much decided I was going to get an LP when I went back to your site and started listening to you again because I wanted to see what you were playing. I saw all the comments people were posting so I wrote a note to you asking advice. I fully expected to never hear anything. To my surprise you personally responded almost immediately. I was VERY impressed by this. Personal attention from one of the finest Cajon players today just blew my mind. At this point I was sure that a Cruz Cajon was for me.
    Now the problem…….I am in Pennsylvania USA. How do I get this beautiful instrument from overseas? I was a bit nervous to order sight unseen from someone I could not see face to face but again the personal service I received from Heidi reassured me that this was the right move so I placed my order. The transaction was very easy. I quickly got an email confirming my order. I knew going in that I would have to wait because inventory was not available but everyone there communicated with me every step of the way so I never felt like I was unimportant. I knew when it was made in Spain…..when it got to London……that Heidi herself was going to test it and ultimately when it shipped. It only took 5 days to get to me in Lititz Pennsylvania from London and it arrived in perfect condition. Again I was blown away. What I initially feared would be a challenge ended up being no big deal at all. I couldn’t ask for better service!
    Now for the cajon itself. What a great musical instrument. Expertly crafted,beautifully finished. It has all the beauty of the person whose name is on it. Most cajons I see look like what they are……a wooden box. The Cruz Cajon looks like a piece of fine furniture. It is gorgeous. I got the black Toro model and it is stunning. The sounds that come out of this thing are AMAZING. Rich full bass. Crisp snare. WOW!!!! I cant wait to start gigging on this cajon.
    I am a firm believer that if you buy the best, you are rarely disappointed with it. That is absolutely the case with a Cruz Cajon. I can’t imagine there is a better quality,better sounding Cajon available……I LOVE IT!!!
    I am so glad my friend told me to google you, Heidi. I look forward to many years of making music with my Cruz Cajon. Thank you for taking the time to personally help me….it means everything. I truly feel like not only do I have a new Cajon, but a new friend and musical advisor. Your passion is so evident in your playing and in the instrument you have created. Your commitment to helping others discover the joy of making music is very much appreciated.
    I will absolutely tell anyone who asks that they should buy a Cruz Cajon…..although it’s kind of cool to be one of the only people around my area to have one 🙂

  7. Mohammed Al Hermi

    Hi heidi ,,
    How are you ,, hope every thing is good ?!
    I want to know when the “toro cruz cajon ” will be available ?!
    I’m very impressed by that cajon and i wold like to get one simeller , i have an event on 13 & 14 september and i want to use that cajon for this event.
    I hope it will be available as soon as possible .
    Best regards ,
    Mohammed Al Hermi
    Bahrain , Manama

  8. Boerge Walenta (verified owner)

    here comes the promised review about my new black toro cruz cajon.
    at first a have to apologise for my kraut(ed) and not so good english, sorry but maybe it’s also a little bit funny to read this denglish sentences.
    dear heidi, i want to thank you for all. the cajon arrived very well at home. it was really good packaged in a well fitting and protecting box. my new cajon came in a perfect condition to me. the quality of the black toro cruz cajon guitar string is really superb. this signature master cajon is handmade in spain by very skilled and experienced craftsmen, built with honor, preciseness and proudness to produce the best instrument for ambitious musicians. the cruz has a smooth and silky black surface, the frame looks like a one piece construction. i like the big screws of the fine sounding front plate. the tuneable string system is simple, stable und useful. it produces a very defined an airy snare sound, strictly seperated from the huge bass tone. this is really a quality and unique music instrument.
    the snare area is sensitive and you can hear the snary sound even you are playing quiet ticky ticky ghost notes. i didn’t have to tune so much at the guitar string system. when i hit the bass area i have little bit of the snare buzz, but i like this. its just like playing drums. there you also often have a snare buzz if for instance the bass guitar resonances with the snare drum. i think i could eliminate this, but i have no reason to do this a this time. the sound of the cajon is unbelivable rich and harmonic. you can play really (!) loud without brutal hittings or effort. on the other side if you want you can easily play very quiet with only two fingers having the full range of sound that this pretty little box contains. the sound is always wonderful. i love it.
    another very great advantage of the cruz is, that all important main tones are concentrated in a small area on the top of the cajon. so you can reach much more easier the tone zones. that’s why it is much more relaxing to play on this cajon than on an any other brand. i think you can use it for every musical direction, it will always fits. you get a clear definition between the kick and the snare sound with an airy a rock sizzle sound in the background. there are many more variations of sound tone impossible. in such a small area. this pushes your technique und your improvised playing to a new level. you can play different tones of snare: tight slapy, hard rim shots or a darker bass snare sound. of course the bass kick is also variable, depending how you hold your hand hitting the bass zone.
    Using your foot up and down on the front to change the bass tone works extremly awesome. i had never reach so much soundfull tone variations on any other cajon. i could test the cruz during some recording sessions, and ervery musician on the set, who compared the new cruz with my older and not so bad cajon, said that the cruz sounds so much better.
    there is another practical feature: the felt-feet have a different height at the backside, the height is more less. so the cajon is naturally tipped backwards and the front plate automaticly comes into a better position to play it easily.
    the black toro cruz is a nearly perfect and professional instrument. the cajon looks so nice, that i have it in my living room…so it is much easier for me to rehears on it every day ;-)). playing the cruz brings so much fun. heidi, you were right, when you said that i will love my new cajon. yes indeed i love my black beauty.
    best regards boerge walenta, germany, berlin

  9. Ansi from the Maldives (verified owner)

    Dear Heidi
    First of all, Thank you very much for your assistance in sending me my very own Cajon. It has been a painstaking wait (Spain to Maldives- which you had no control over 😛 totally understand :)) , however, it has ended with much happiness and triumph. till the last minute, till i received the package, i have been super excited.
    Here is my feedback to you, well i am not that good a writer, but here goes.
    It was very well packed, extremely padded and “fragile” stickers all over the box. And from the box, i can say it went thru a bit of a toss here and there, but the Cruz has withstood the long journey all the way from Spain to the Maldives.
    Most of the time i enjoyed unboxing my phones, however, this is the first time I have really enjoyed unboxing anything. It was very well padded and packed for a long trip within unknown territories heheh.
    The Cruz:
    To be very honest, this is class, a work of real craftsman and all i can say is, it has been as lovely as you. It reflects you and goes hand and glove as your signature. My first words to my band members, ” Oh My GOD, she is beautiful”. Black is my fav color, and so fine details on ur signature, the edges and the finishing. Looks like a lot of love has been put whilst making the cajon. It is super super neat, clean and well polished. Polished for high quality export. My hats off to the artisans.
    The Cruz Cajon:
    I just luv the sound of the Cruz cajon. Thank you very much for the detailed elaboration on explaining the piano strings and guitar strings; guitar string is for me and the kind of music we play. The tight snare sound and the clean and clear base tones, is just the right touch of tones that i needed.
    These are just few things to say about the Cajon i have more, but words fail me. I have not really been able to play today as i am too bz bz bz…
    Last but not the least, sweet Heidi Joubert, your signature Cruz Cajon has crossed continents and the very first CRUZ Cajon is in the Maldives. I am very pleased to play the Cruz and I am looking forward to find a Market for your Cajon’s here as well. I will share my playing experience and upload some videos from one of our gigs. I am now a proud owner of your Cruz Cajon.
    May god bless you and hope we meet online or maybe here in the Maldives… hey who knows. heheh
    So much love your way, and my very best wishes to your artisans and every one at Fernandos Kitchen. Your website, is super awesome and it has got all the information anybody seeking advice on the Cajon is available.
    Girls n Guys, I am not pro at playing the cajon yet, but this website is for beginners, intermediates and those who are in doubt of finding the right Cajon and has helped me in improving my playing experience. As a satisfied customer, a perusing musician (percussionist) Heidi’s signature is top class.
    About Heidi, she is a super bz girl, teaching the cajon to others, playing the cajon and many more. Despite her bz schedules, she has been very helpful, really understands what a customer needs and advices in a way that even someone with not much experience would understand. Customer Service from Cajonbox and Fernandos Kitchen, i’d give it a 8.5/10.

  10. Hani Malik

    Hi Heidi!
    My girlfriend Nazia got me a cruz cajon for my birthday, and I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks so much for making sucha fantastic piece of equipment that I can add to my instrument arsenal!
    Do check out my music ( if you’re bored and looking for something new, I only recently released my album ‘No Remorse’ !

    • Heidi Joubert

      Hey Hani!
      Wow thanks for this nice feedback, great to hear you are pleased and I am so so happy you are Lovin the Cruz man!!! Your Girlfriend is an extremely nice lady for getting you one for your birthday, haha! 🙂 Marry Her!
      He man, I checked out your music, it’s really super, I like the stuff a lot, great music bro! And I absolutely LOVE the cover, with the chess pieces, I do like chess you see…. 🙂 Also read the interview in the rolling stone faceless man! cool!
      Hope you use some of the cruz for your next album, I’d be well stoked if you did! Ever need a cajon player in London.. give us a shout! 🙂
      Cheerio and enjoy el cruz…

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