Customised 'Heidi' Cajon for Christmas

Someone I’ve never met before wrote to me and sent me this picture.
Seems they got a customised Cajon for Christmas…
I think it looks pretty cool! haha!
Customised Heidi
I’m totally speechless actually….
Say whaaaaa!!????
Hahaha perhaps I should consider adding a model like this to my range!
What do you think?

Live @ Hackney Empire Theatre with my new Band

A shot from the show with my band on Sat in Hackney Empire. It was one of my best moments onstage ever!!
Thanks to the beautiful, super talented musicians who played with me, I’ll never forget this one.
Pablo Dominguez Thodoris Ziarkas Kanti Qena Kieffer Santander Noelia Valdes
And a big thanks to everyone who came down and shared this special moment with us, special gracias to my cajon students.
Thank you Williams Cumberbache for arranging the night.
Thanks to Joseph Gardiner-Lowe for the photos

Tony Momrelle with Cruz Cajon

One of our Cruz Cajon endorsers (Michel Castellanos Sambrozo) playing our Pro Cruz Cajon on London Live TV with the amazing Tony Momrelle 🙂
This is the first single from his newly released album “Keep Pushing”.
The song is called “Pick Me Up”.
What are your favourite Tony Momrelle tunes?
<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>
Enjoy! 🙂

Cajon Solo – Daddi Bahmani

Here we have the incredible Daddi Bahmani playing a solo on the Cajon in the style of Electro/House music.
Daddi and I met at the Musikmesse Festival in 2013 and had a jam together – what a guy! A fantastic musician!
We’re working on recording a video together on my channel in the future 🙂
What other styles of music have you heard on the Cajon?

Cajon Duet video – Heidi Joubert & Guillermo Garcia

Heidi went to give some cajon workshops in Extremadura in Spain summer 2015 along with great cajon masters like Guillermo Garcia.
Here they have fun in a vid after a long day’s workshops, playing a cajon duet (totally spontaneous and improvised)

Heidi on stage with Patax Trio (Jorge Perez) at Bougui Jazz Club, Madrid

Heidi Joubert playing cajon and singing, accompanied by the amazing Jorge Perez and his famous Patax Trio and performing in the renowned Bougie Jazz Club, Madrid, Spain.
What a gig! What an experience, to be playing with such incredible musicians. I sure had fun 🙂
Video coming soon
What famous jazz clubs have you been to?

New London Cajon Classes

Meet some of my lovely cajon students! They totally rock! It’s always a great pleasure to teach them, and after class I am normally quite high due to the energy we share in class. Thank you peeps, our classes is one of the highlights of my week.
We had a tiny studio last night and fit 12 players into it, it was hilarious, loud, fun and very very warm! Next week we’re in the big dance studio, yay!!
Long live beats, boxes and beautiful people! Life without it would totally suck.

Thanks to Jane Branagan for the photo
Cajon Clases
Interested in joining our classes? Get in touch 🙂

London Drum Show 2015

Had so much fun at the London drum show this weekend, played so much, learnt so much and met so many amazing drummers and important people in the drum world, it’s all bit much to take in!
Best of all, I went as a ROLAND GUEST to the show. Thanks to the Roland team for being so damn cool!
Yep, there’s something BIG cooking!
I hope to be having our own Cruz Cajon stall at the show in 2016 as well as workshops on cajon!
Heidi drum show

Heidi's masterclass at TodoCajon Festival in Madrid, Spain

I am so excited about this! I will be giving a masterclass at this festival, alongside some of the best players in the world, including Alain Perez, Pepe Albain and Gullermo Garcia! I am actually rather nervous about meeting these masters, I will certainly be attending all their workshops to learn from them as much as possible! The festival is called ‘todocajon’, which means everything cajon….
Apart from the festival, I am also performing with some great artists during my visit to Madrid. Yay! If you are in Madrid, send me an email and lets meet up and jam! 
Some of my students from my London cajon school is making a trip down to Madrid to join the fun! Hopefully next year, some of you will also join us, let;s take over a hostel in central madrid and just play cajon all day!! 🙂 Rock and roll!!
I will certainly be filming some of the workshops and will post up vids and photos in our next issue so you can all learn more about this amazing cajon festival (the biggest in Europe)
Pray for me to have favour and a great workshop!!

Cajon players network and jam at Musikmesse in Frankfurt

This will be my second year I attend the renowned Musikmesse in Frankfurt.
Last year was such and inspiring trip, meeting some incredible cajon players, taking part in jams and workshops, trying out the latest innovative percussions and cajon accessories and playing late night pool of course 🙂
I also got to meet all the owners of the big cajon companies and it’s just a great networking event filled with music and fun!
The cajon is rapidly expanding, there is so many new things on the market and I will be posting up some reviews and videos with demo’s of some of the great new cajon gear and accessories.
Why not join the fun next year? Its a great way to learn and network with other people passionate about cajon.
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Here is the website for more info: