Fernando’s Kitchen Trio Photoshoot

So the Fernando’s Kitchen Trio had a photoshoot last week and I thought I would share a cool shot with you! With cajon, double bass and Spanish guitar…Oh and voice! 🙂

The Fernando’s Kitchen Trio

Check out some more photos here fernandoskitchen.com

We had just released a brand new full band album called ‘Musica fina‘, we are extremely excited with what lies ahead this year!

Amongst many other crazy ideas, we are planning a summer tour through europe doing shows and cajon workshops! Let us know if you want us to visit your city 🙂

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2 Replies to “Fernando’s Kitchen Trio Photoshoot”

  1. Clive Alive

    Hi Heidi
    I must have left my last comment late at night and not pressed return! Apologies if this appears twice.
    I just wanted to say that, after not being on this site for a month or two, it’s really taken off! Can’t keep up. Go girl go!
    Do you know when the Toro or Leon cajons will be back in stock?
    El Clivo


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