Heidi going to NAMM Festival 2016 to Demo for a new product by Roland


I’m going to LA in two weeks with this sexy baby for the NAMM SHOW with Roland!
I cannot contain my excitement! Just got my plane tickets!

I can’t reveal too much about this beauty but it’s freaking awesome, I’ve been spending quite a lot of quality time with her over the past few weeks in studio, filming and playing it….
I’m in love!

All I can say is that it’s something you’ve NEVER seen before!!!

Heeeehaw, America here I come!


So….Who’s going to the NAMM, and who’s cooking me a true Californian dinner while i’m there?!!!!!!!

3 Replies to “Heidi going to NAMM Festival 2016 to Demo for a new product by Roland”

  1. Gail

    Heidi hi, I’m a blues singer from Toronto , you inspire me so much !! I’d love to play the. Cajon!! I’m 60 now, think it would do me good to sit & sing !!! I love you , u remind me of myself when I was young ❤️
    All the best baby you rock!!

  2. robman84

    Great videos and a really interesting product! Do the electronics inside make a difference to the accoustics of the cajon? Congratulations on getting the gig!


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