Cruz Cajon

Cruzcajonflyercroppedcolor2Outstanding handmade instruments!

Cruz cajon is Heidi Joubert’s new professional, signature line cajon brand handmade in our Cruz Cajon workshop in Spain by our very skilled and experienced artisan team who take pride in their work, and take time to diligently hand craft each instrument for maximum quality and sound.

Specially designed to last years, promote good posture and aid in developing a great technique.

 Made with the finest Russian birch wood, and carefully handcrafted to ensure endurability for years to come,Cruzcajonfamily

no other cajon in this price range can match this quality or standard!!

Great new features include anti slip feet,  a special anti chip finish, an new sophisticated tuning tension system,
the cruz cajon has never looked or sounded better!


5 star quality sound, fast rebound response and big volume!

Cruz 19


The Cruz cajon Pro range has beautiful tone with a rich resonance. There’s a neat 
sharp top and warm deep bass. This is certainly one of the best cajons on the market for it’s price/quality/sound
The making of the cruz cajon
After the handcrafting process, they are finely tuned and then they are then taken through a testing phase and approved by our professional cajon team to ensure it matches the highest possible standard.
Each cajon is then tested and played by Heidi Joubert  before it gets carefully packed and posted with our super fast and reliable courier, no other cajon in this price range can match this quality or standard!
Each Cajon is quality controlled and comes with its own unique number and certified seal of approval.
The sound quality is superb and so is the playing action, with an extremely fast rebound action and the bass sweet spot in the best and highest possible position, the cruz is an effortless joy to play.
Outstanding handmade instruments that promotes a good posture and aids in developing a good technique
It is well known that some cajons can create health and posture issues in the long run if the bass notes are situated too low on the cajon, resulting in having to stoop down everytime you hit the bass note. This also builds up a very bad technique which is hard to unlearn.
Cruzcajonleons1It is because we believe it is of vital importance to take care of your body and your technique that we have specially designed our cruz cajon to not only look and sound great but actually aid you in obtaining the correct posture and building the correct technique.
The bass “sweet spot” is situated as high as possible, just below the “snare” for the optimum posture when playing the cajon.
It has a deep powerful bass with a beautiful resonance and a neat, crisp attack on the highs. The separation between the highs and the lows is very neat and distinct, needless to say these are fabulous for live playing, acoustic playing and recording! It is really effortless to get a great sound out of the cruz cajon!
Differences in colours only cosmetic
Available in black (Cruz “Toro” model) or natural (Cruz “Leon” model), More colour and customised options coming soon!


Now with an advanced improved guitar strings tuning system that helps prevent buzzing and rattles commonly found in cajons.

Check out our Cruz cajon Pro range:

Cruz cajon Pro Basic

Cruz cajon Pro Professional

Cruz cajon Pro Elite

Personally Designed and drawn by Heidi Joubert.

There are different models for cajons, please see our shop page for more info.

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Check out these pics of our range:Cruz32vinette Cruz34 Cruz29 Cruz20 Cruz22 Cruz23 Cruz24 Cruz32 Cruz31 Cruz30 Cruz28 Cruz27 Cruz25 Cruz11 Cruz12 Cruz13 Cruz14 Cruz15bigsize Cruz 16 Cruz17 Cruz18 Cruz8 cruz7 cruz6 Cruz5 cruz 4 Cruz2 cruz3 Cruz1 Cruz 19 Cruz9 Cruz 9 Cruz 10

25 Replies to “Cruz Cajon”

  1. Faye

    Hi Heidi! I have fallen in love with the cajon!
    I’m going to be in London soon and i hope to able to join your school!
    Will have the piano string cajon in your store soon? And is it much deferent than the guitar string cajon?

  2. Darwish Iregui

    i was hoping to get my new toro cajon for my latest show coming up on april which is close to my birthday and i just realize it’s not ready to sell yet, 🙁 me frustra un poco por que te admiro demasiado. Como doy el amor a la musica que hago, asi no este a tu nivel, pero estoy en la onda que tu me enseñas, y Ole!!
    Darwish Iregui
    Miami Fl. Planet earth.

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Aaah sorry bout that, the cruz cajon is pretty popular it seems, I will let you know when I have stock again! OLe back to you! 🙂

  3. Mary Karen

    Hello Heidi. I was hoping to get myself one. What type of wood is it made of? How much total would it cost to ship it either in Philippines or Singapore?
    You rock!

  4. Tim

    I hope that the cajons get back on track. Mine is such a delight to play. I think that you understated the bass. I recommend that customers check with their dentist to make sure that they don’t have loose fillings prior to playing. Don’t play the cajon in front of a symbal rack or precious glassware. It’s not just the volume that I like. The tone has to be played to be appreciated. Everyone should get at least one of these but two are better. One of each.

  5. Bex

    Hey Heidi, really want a Toro Cruz cajon but every time i come to the site they are out of stock, and i wondered if there is a way to pre-order so i get in before everyone else? I want a really nice one for when I hit the recording studio in the winter!

  6. Meritxell Encinas

    Buenos dias!!!!
    Soy de Barcelona, España.
    Me ha encantado vuestra web. Heidi es impresionante!!! Que arte!!!!!
    Yo también toco el cajón y canto en un grupo con mis hermanos. Espero aprender mucho con estos videos.
    ¿No teneis videos para aprender en español o subtitulados?

  7. Antonio

    Dove posso trovare il vostro Cajon in Italia?
    è possibile vedere come è fatto dentro e che legni adoperate? Grazie.

  8. Eric

    I got my Cruz Cajon Pro-Plus a few weeks ago and am really enjoying it. It’s so well constructed and the organic sounds are amazing. Recently, I was watching a guitar player use a Digitech Effects pedal (it has 70 effects) and decided to experiment a little bit by rigging the Cruz Cajon to work with the effects pedal. I put a Cajonport into the rear hole. Then I attached a Myersco pick up mike directly to the inside of the Cajonport. (The mike has a suction cup so it’s no effort.) I then plugged the mike into the Digitech pedal. The whole set up took less than two minutes. WOW! The variety of sounds was awesome. It even worked with the WAH pedal that is part of the Digitech set up. If you have access to guitar effects pedals, give this a go. I guarantee you’ll look up after about five hours and wonder where the time went. First though, get yourself one of the Cruz Cajons. You will be very glad you did.

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hey Eric!
      Wow thanks for this comment, I hope you left this as a review on the cajon products page on the webshop so ppl who are specifically looking to buy the cruz can read this! 🙂
      And then I want to add….. SEND ME A CLIP OF THIS!!!! I am so excited about the idea of using pedals and electronic sounds on the cajon and I would love to hear what this sounded like! If you send me a small clip I would love to write a blog about it on this website!!

      • fangjun

        Hi, nice to meet you, I want to buy your brand Cajon do not know how to buy also want to learn more of your video

  9. Dean Young

    I ordered the Cruz Cajon pro plus toro. All I can say is I’m so glad I made the right choice.
    After trying lots of the other well known cajon brands I was worried about ordering a Cajon I hadn’t tried out. I needn’t have worried because the Cruz cajon was amazing right out of the box and sounds so much better than the ones I had tried before. The bass and snare are perfect and the clarity between them are so clear. With the lightest of taps you have a great sounding Cajon and the rebound you feel from the front panel talks for itself. The bass is nice and high up so no bending over trying to find a sweet spot. It’s all there in fingers reach. This is the best Cajon for its price out there and actually designed by a cajon player not a marketing brand.
    If your thinking of buying a Cruz cajon trust me you won’t go wrong. Dean Young
    Cajon player for Byzantium Lane. Pop/Rock

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hello Tusher, why not order one of our amazing Cruz Cajons on our shop page? We receive our news stock in approx 2 weeks and should be able to post it out to you then!

  10. Kyla

    Hi, Heidi! I’m interested in starting to learn the cajon. I was wondering what Cruz Cajon would be the best choice for a complete beginner like me with no prior experience.
    Thanks in advance,
    Kyla Lakheeram

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hello Kyla!
      First of all, welcome to the cajon world! it;s a great instrument and I assure you will love each step of the way! Thanks for visiting my website too!
      As per the Cruz Cajon, our Pro Cruz Cajon was specially developed to be the perfect choice for beginners (and pro players) because of the ease of playing the cajon. It helps promote a great posture, and the correct technique, as the bass is situated high on the cajon and it is very easy to get a great sound out of the Pro cajon even if you never played cajon before! There is also a very neat separation between the bass and the highs which will help you to improve much faster than on any normal ‘beginners’ cajon on the market or in shops. We specially designed this range to be really easy to play, great to help you learn the correct technique and hand placement from the start and at the same time, it is also a cajon for life, they are amazing handmade instruments with a lot of quality! 🙂
      Hope this helps!

  11. Công

    Hello Mrs Heidi
    I really really love it my cruz cajon . And how i can buy my cajon for you ? I live in Vietnamese . Sorry English of me so bad . I dream you understand at all I’m talking for you . I hope and waiting for reply for you 🙂

  12. robert elkins

    Trying to actually figure out where you are in Spain; Barcelona? I am a cajon player residing in the Philippines where customs’ charges can be demonic. Wanted to consider a quick flight to the Cruz factory to choose and buy a cajon onsite. Can you please advise? I would love to buy remotely from here and have reasonably shipped here, but can’t seem to sort my options. Not sure how to proceed. Thanks in advance for any love you’ll toss my way!
    Gratefully Yours,
    Robbie in Boracay, PI

    • HeidiJoubert Post author

      Hello Robbie!
      Thanks for writing to me! At the moment we don’t do any public visits to our current artesan workshop in Spain, however, we are working on setting up a Cruz cajon store and artesan workshop in the UK, hopefully open to the public in 2018. We do post out to the Philippines, I believe customs won’t charge as much as a flight and travel trip to the UK or Spain anyway! If you were eager to visit our artesan shop, perhaps it would be best to wait till we have our new artesan workshop set up in the UK, which is going to be brilliant! We are at the moment working on the plans and setting up our store and I will update my blog site with more specific times etc once I have these details!
      Hope this helps, and again thank you for visiting my website!

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