NEW online cajon school

skypecajonschoollogoSo this is the year that I will officially start up my long awaited online Cajon School.

I have had so many requests from all over the world to start this up, and I am so happy that I have enough free time in my schedule to get this going!

The online school will kick off with 2 classes a week at different times, one to accommodate EU time zone and the other to accommodate countries with a different time Zone like the USA.

There is a limited amount of space in each class so make sure you register for your space in the class as soon as possible. We aim to start up the classes within the next 2 – 3 weeks, we will commence once we have enough students enrolled to make the classes viable. 

caj class3
Date and times:

Mon 7:30pm – 8:45pm GMT

Mon 11:30pm – 12:45pm GMT

Are Mondays these times impossible to make?

You could join our physical cajon classes live via Skype on Tues and/or Wed !

Get in touch for more info.

Course duration:

Each course will last 5 weeks, 1 lesson a week.

You can either enrol to all 5 courses or drop in (subject to space available)

Enrollees will get first priority on all spaces.


£35 for 5 weeks (£7 per lesson)Enrolment

Drop in

£9 per class

Payment methods
 Payment will be taken via BACS/direct bank transfer or paypal. 
(please note that all bank or paypal fees need to be covered by the payee)
cajon12.Still013with logo

Course information:

During the first 5 week course, we will look at the fundamentals of the cajon, such as the correct technique and hand stroke position, posture, different sounds etc.

We will learn a few very useful ex and techniques that you will keep with you for life and learn a range of cool grooves from different musical genres.

We will also look at how to apply our new grooves to a musical setting with other instruments and musicians.

Get feedback from Heidi as you progress during the lessons and share what you learn with other cajon players around the world.

Be part of our cajonbox family!

It is advisable that you enrol for the entire course to take full advantage of the classes.
If you drop in or miss a class during the course, it would be your responsibility to catch up to the rest of the group.
Students 2

What you would need

You would need access to the internet, a webcamera and a web microphone. No previous musical or cajon experience needed! Of course having a cajon would be important, but you don’t need one to start, remember that the cajon is just a box and if you can somehow simulate one, then by all means, don’t let the fact that you don’t have a cajon stop you from learning, after all, it’s more about getting your hands used to the technique as a beginner. Good manners is also essential for joining the classes, anyone who is disruptive or disrespectful will be asked to leave the ‘classroom’:-)

Please note that all details on this course is subject to change.
The courses will only proceed if there is a minimum amount of students enrolled to each course.

Get in touch to book your space now! 

Write to us at


Would you consider taking Skype cajon lessons?

Share your thoughts below!


  1. nick

    Yes – when will they start?

  2. david

    hi. could you tell me when your next online course will be starting. I work shifts so I might have to drop in when I can.
    in the meantime Im enjoying your lesson videos. Im waiting for my cruz cajon to arrive. I have an intermediate level acoustic drum kit, intermediate electronic kit and intermediate cajon so im very excited about stepping up to a top quality cajon.
    when I started drum kit I bought a rudiments training dvd by tommy igoe called great hands for a lifetime, Ive just started using it as a learning exercise on the cajon and it seems to translate very well.

  3. Lorena Garcia

    Hola Heidi!
    Soy de Puerto Rico y estoy interesada en tomar clases por internet via Skype. Siempre me ha gustado la percusión pero nunca he tomado clases. Toco el bongó pero de oido, nunca he tomado clases. Esta navidad me regalaron mi primer cajon, y la verdad que me gustaría aprender como tocarlo formalmente. Navegando por internet vi tu youtube channel y me encantó. Por favor, me gustaría saber cuando comienzan las clases para matricularme! Así tan pronto me convierta en una experta me compró un cajon como el tuyo!

    • Heidi Joubert

      Ole Loreno! Es un gran palcer! ahoro no tengo Classes en el internet pero muy pronto!! I will let you know as soon as we start up chico! 🙂 un abrazo desde Londres

      • Rafael

        Hey Heidi,
        When will you have online cajon classes? Do you have a teaching book or DVD? I know you have the videos but I would love to get some classes.

        • Heidi Joubert

          I am going to release my DVD and booklet very very soon, and then we will start up our online classes again!
          I suggest you sign up to my mailing list to stay updated on when this will happen! 🙂 So exciting!

    • Mary Figueroa

      Hey Lorena! Soy de Puerto Rico tambien! Fajardo! De que parte eres? A mi me encanta la percusion pero nunca he cojido clases tampoco. No se tocar pero si se que si me lo propongo me saldria bien! Maybe despues montamos una bandita por ahi para llegarle a las Sance!!!

  4. Kyla Lakheeram

    Hello, Heidi!
    Depending on whether or not I have time after school, I may be interested in joining your Skype cajon classes. I have a few questions though.
    1. Are children (I’m only 12) allowed to join the classes?
    2. Do the classes require any past experience in drum/cajon playing?
    3. Does time difference matter? (I’m from a little Caribbean island called Trinidad)
    4. What cajon would you recommend that I get as an inexperienced beginner?
    Thanks in advance,
    Kyla L. 🙂
    PS I accidentally posted this comment on the Cruz Cajon page as well because I thought I was on this one. Sorry!

  5. Rory

    yes, would be interested in joining the class

  6. Siva

    I would like to join online course. please let me know how to join.

    • Heidi Joubert

      Hey Siva!
      You need to get in touch with our cajon school admin team, send us an email at to book your space

  7. dan cardella

    Hello Heidi,
    can you please tell me how I can join the online classes?
    I’ve previously sent you an email if you’d care to send me an email.
    thank you,

    • Heidi Joubert

      Hey Dan!
      Apologies for not getting back to you, we are still setting up our online system, I will certainly let you know when we will start!
      We’re thinking of starting within the next month!! Almost there! 🙂

  8. diego

    now that I realize , I won’t be able to attend on tuesdays;
    How can I get your web site cajon lessons?

    • Heidi Joubert

      Hey Diego
      You should check out my youtube channel, I have 40 video lessons on youtube you can watch and more coming very very soon! We are updating our ‘cajon lessons’ page so soon I can send you the new details but not yet.

  9. Diego

    Thanks for the info!
    I’m interested in your online course
    I can do Mondays 730 gmt
    Please, let me know ASAP

    • Heidi Joubert

      Hey Diego
      The online school is now going to be happening in conjunction with my physical cajon classes in London, which is every Tues from 7pm – 8:30pm. We’ll be streaming the lesson live via my youtube channel and it won’t be expensive to join in the class via the Youtube stream.
      This is now going to be set up and we’ll start up in 4 weeks time when my new courses start up in London. The course will last 10 weeks, there will be a beginner course and an improvers course for people with some previous playing experience.
      I will keep you updated as to when enrolment for this will start and all the details!

      • diego

        Thanks Heidi, looking forward. So that time is GMT right?
        Thanks again

  10. Colin Gibson

    Hi. I would certainly do this. I did not sign up for the London lessons because it would be too much in my schedule to get over to the venue after work and then home to see the family. Online is perfect!

  11. Maria

    A wonderful idea! I’m in Athens, Greece and hope to join!

  12. Olivier

    What a good idea !! 🙂
    Happy new year.

  13. Conleth Donnelly

    Hi, I’m getting a cajon for Christmas but I live in the country in Northern Ireland and don’t know anywhere close by that I can get lessons. I would love the opportunity to attend the online Skype lessons. I look forward to working through the online videos when I get my hands on my new cajon – Happy Christmas!

    • Heidi Joubert

      Hey Conleth! Skype lessons might very well be starting up along with my London cajon courses, on Tues from the 14th Jan. I hope you are signed up to my newsletter to stay updated to all the details coming up this week!

  14. Bob Ketterlinus

    I am learning Cajon (I play stringed instruments now) and would love to take online lessons. I am in Philadelphia, PA, USA East coast. I take Mandolin lessons online at and love it! Maybe you can teach there too (they have percussion instructors but not Cajon) Thanks for the free lessons too and your wonderful music!

  15. Jo S

    Ready to sign up!

  16. Danny

    I’m interested in ONline Classes. I’m an intermediate Conga player (maybe 1,500) hours, have recently bought a Meinl and have been practicing all of your videos. Committed to taking it to the next level. Live in Pittsburgh.
    Thank you and keep up the great Licks!,
    – Danny

  17. Ilaria

    I abolutely am into it!!! Ilaria (italy)

  18. Kay Lenhart

    YES, Skype PLEASE! I have been waiting for this, and I am so excited that it might finally happen!

  19. Karl

    I am also interested in this Workshop. Skype is ok for me.

  20. Michael Thirkettle

    Hi really interested in lessons Plz contact me

  21. vine

    Hi I would be very interested in the online skype lessons, 🙂

  22. ge0rg

    I’d also be interested, when do the courses start?

  23. Andrew Linderer

    Have these lessons started? I feel like i’ve hit a wall in my playing. Struggling to find some intermediate lessons. I see basic stuff all over the web that’s just boring and super advanced stuff that I just can’t keep up with.


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