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“Hello, I am Heidi Joubert and I am absolutely passionate about music, teaching people to play and instruments and that’s why I started up cajonbox.com. I have long dreamed of starting up a page dedicated to cajon and percussion, a page where you can learn to play the cajon with free cajon courses, a page to educate anyone who wants to learn about the cajon. A community page is soon to follow, so there is so much more coming! In the meanwhile, enjoy some video lessons, arranged in order, read some very helpful articles in our blog page or check out some of the newest and hippest cajons and percussion’s around, including my very own signature line brand, the cruz cajon.

Throughout this page you will notice you can leave comments, ask questions and give some input! Please do not be shy, we’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for visiting my site and I sincerely hope that you improve super fast in your cajon and percussion studies!! Don’t forget to comment or leave some feedback, this helps me to continually improve and stay encouraged!! Many thanks for all your support and love, it has helped get me to where I am today!

Cajon love to you all!

Heidi Joubert

*All the cajons and percussions featured in our store are 100% handmade, and we support fair trade and manufacture all products in an eco friendly way. We personally know the creators and makers of each product we sell and we fully endorse each instrument as top quality.


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  1. scott goebel

    Heidi……..check out drumchannel.com. You should definately hook up with them. You would be a great addition. All of the greatest drummers around jamming and giving lessons online. You would be great on there.

  2. Wesley Parish

    I thought I knew percussion – I’ve jammed on congas (love those congas!), fooled around with a tabla set and a khol, even played on a kundu (PNG waist drum) for a ukulele jam. So I buy an el cheapo cajon and go chasing around the ‘Net for ideas, come across your site and video lessons and get promptly blown away. The first lesson I see, I couldn’t work out where half the sounds you were getting, were coming from!
    It’s beautiful!
    I thought I knew percussion.Now I know I’ve got a challenge, and I love challenges! ¡Muchas gracias!

  3. Swami Jivan Utsav

    Hey! Heidi,
    During my recent visit to Spain, I enjoyed some live flamenco music and just loved the sound of cajon. I was extremely glad to see you have videos sharing your experiences and even lessons too. I would like to place an order for a cajon to be delivered within Europe. Can that be arranged, since on your website it seems the cajons you make and sell are out of stock.
    I would appreciate to hear from you and, wish you and your team good health, happiness and wellness always.
    Thank you
    My best regards
    Jivan Utsav

    • Heidi Joubert

      Hi Jivan!!
      Great news, we are almost back in stock and are taking pre orders right now! 🙂

  4. Angel Olguín

    Hello Heidi! Am Pianist and Am from México, and dont speak english very well hehehe, i like so much your youtube channel and i learn somuch there. I was build my own cajon and now i practice with your videos, thanks for share your experience! I wana to meet you personally 🙂

    • Heidi Joubert

      Thanks great msg man!! xx

  5. Marcelo Rossi

    Hi Heidi
    Thanks for your talent, you help me alot !!!
    How do you mic your cajon in a concert?
    i got a LP Cavin Ricard and a shure Sm57 and LP mount for Audix .
    I´m not satisfaied with.
    Thks for all!

    • Heidi Joubert

      Hey Check out my youtube channel and see one of my videos called ‘how to mike up cajon’ 🙂

    • Heidi Joubert

      Hey Marcelo!!
      Check out my ‘how to mike up a cajon’ video on my youtube channel!

  6. Dave

    What kind of amplifier do you suggest is best to use with the cajon during live performances?

    • Heidi Joubert

      oooh very difficult but I love the AER…..

  7. Daniel Casey

    Very cool thing you’re doing, much respect. My question is, where’s the accent from, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa? Also, have you ever taken a drummer with you to help you pick your cymbals? Maybe it’s just my taste but they sound (I pray you don’t find this rude) pretty dull. Another words, they should sound crisp and less gong like for splashes or as splashes go. Not to offend, just saying… You are adorable and very good at your craft and I’d hate to get slapped by you! 🙂

    • Heidi Joubert

      hahaha hey Daniel! Thanks for the msg! I suppose the sound you like for cymbals depends on your personal preference! 🙂 Did you see my cajon with cymbals video?

  8. Daniela

    Heidi, greetings from Mexico. 🙂
    I’ve just been inspired by you, i’ve always played with my hands and my legs like i was feeling the music but didn’t know about cajons, maybe heard of them and slightly saw them, but never realized it could be a possibility for me.
    Since it was you who inspired me, i’d like to get one of your cajons, (cause also the name you chose for them, well… reminds me of my faith).
    So, I’d really appreciate, if you could help me to get one of yours, even when i’m in another continent. Do you sell to Latin america?

  9. steve

    When will you be getting in new stock for your cajons?
    Just found you today and love the site your instructions and the cajon’s sound fantastic
    Really would love to purchase one, Compared to others I have heard and played this one sounds so much richer and fuller. please let me know asap when you will have more in stock. again love the site continued success to you!

    • Heidi Joubert

      Hey Steve!!
      Will let you know once the range is sorted (I am testing some new models and types of cajones to expand my range) but as soon as it’s up I’ll let you know!

    • Steve

      What up? They have been out of stock for 5 months at least. with the unemployment in Spain I would think you would be crancking them out fast. How much longer/

  10. Yasmin Deliz

    Hello Heidi! I hope this message finds you and yours well !! I cant say how I came to be inspired to play the cajon, it just occurred. I suppose the fact I’m creating my first album along side my boyfriend and partner in life had something to do with it, the universe gave me the gift of the cajon : ) . So I’d like to say Thank you greatly for putting effort into creating videos for us who wish to learn and posting them on YT, the Universe gifted me further by leading me to your videos : ) . You are a true inspiration. What kind of cajon do you recommend for a beginner who loves the sound you project and why do you recommend it? There are soooo many. Blessing onto you. Thank you in advance

  11. David Sovereign

    I’m a new convert Heidi, and ran across your video in my search for ideas. You’re so clear – definitive. It’s also obvious that you love what you do which is completely inspiring. I’m a multi-instrumentalist producer / composer with a studio in the San Francisco bay area, and was looking for something fresh. That would be you, and many thanks to you for sharing your awesome lifeforce with all of us. All the best, David Sovereign – Owner, Studio J by the Bay, Embarcadero Cove

    • Heidi Joubert

      Hello David!
      Wowo what nice msg to read!!! 🙂 Great to know that I have somehow inspired you with all this and I do hope to visit your studio in San Francisco!!! it sounds great!

      • Qmars

        I’m Qmars from Iran, it hard for me to wright in english, but i try
        i find your site and your video in searching about cajon, with our internet it’s really hard to watch your video, but i watch some of them, i bought a cajon last day, its not wonderfull but not bad.
        i’ll start my class from next wednesday with a great master of cajon in iran, but i’ll folow your video too and learn from you because your music is great, i reallyyyy like your playing.
        i wish that some day i can Participation in your music class
        excuse me if i have mistake in my message… <3

  12. Laurent

    I would really love to learn to play the cajon and I really admire the fact that you take healthy posture into account when crafting the Cruz Cajons. I really want to get myself one, i think it is my soul instrument! When do you think you will have more in stock to be shipped to the United States?

    • Heidi Joubert

      Hello Laurent! Thanks for your enquiry. At the moment I am unsure about my stock as we are making major improvement changes to my cruz cajon brand as well as expanding the range, and this coupled with the fact that we have been experiencing such a huge amount of orders and demand, it might yet be a little while… however, I must say that it will be well worth the wait, seeing that the cruz cajon will be better than ever before when we stock up again! :-)) Sign up to our newsletter to stay updated!

  13. PeteWishbone

    Hi Heidi,
    Started out on the cajon recently; as a bassist I can use the extra rhythmic feel. Your videos are great, they’re of great help. (and a pleasure to watch;-) )
    Keep up the great work!
    Pete (the Netherlands)

    • Heidi Joubert

      Hey Pete!
      Thanks buddy! 🙂 Pleasure’s all mine!

  14. Sarah Stierle

    Hi Heidi,
    Great website. REALLY good videos bout how to play the Cajon.
    I’m a music teacher in germany. It helps me a lot to see it not only to read bout it in some books.
    At home I play the Cajonito… that sounds good to.
    Go ahead with your work/band/music.
    I like it!

    • Heidi Joubert

      Hey Sarah!
      Nice msg thanks!! Great to hear yuou are diggin the web and video!
      Bless you and maybe I will catch you in Germany!

  15. Grayling Pingel

    Hi, I built a snare cajon a few years back and it sounds really nice. I’ve played drums for years and am always learning new things. You have really excellent meter and nice technique and I’m thankful for what you’ve been sharing here. I’ve learned some new cajon techniques already. Thank you.

    • Heidi Joubert

      great to hear, thanks for your nice feedback! It’s always a blessing to hear our web and my vids are helping others learn!
      Keep at it!

  16. Olivia

    Hi Heidi! I’ve been wanting to learn to play the cajon for a while now but I am confused on what brand or style to buy. Does the style of the drum affect the sound that comes out, like if you were going for a hip hop feel? I know i’d be a very beginner but i’m hoping with alot of practice that I’ll get the hang of it. Hopefully you can help me in choosing my first cajon drum!

    • Heidi Joubert

      Hey Olivia!!1
      Did you get my e-mail?
      So nice to hear from you! And great to hear you getting started on the cajon! :-))
      As per which cajon to buy, I would highly reccomend my cruz Cajon (piano strings) for you as a beginner who intends to be serious and practise, it is really good for your posture, the bass is really deep and the volume and sound is just awesome, not to mention it looks really cool! It might be a bit pricey for you though, and therefor I want to let you know that I am adding a cheaper cajon to my cruz cajon range, especially for beginners who are unsure if they will play a lot and are looking for a really great, but cheaper cajon to start with.
      These will only be available in about 1 months time though……..
      I would say that I won’t recommend you buy anything below £80 – £100 if you do intend to be serious and practise, before you know it you will have to buy a new one, meaning you have wated that money, as very cheap cajons have their bass situated very low, resulting in a terrible posture, and practising like that might make your bad posture a permanent habit, which can cause serious back issues not too far into the future… Also really cheap cajons don’t last. If you looks at cajons in the £150 – £200 you can be sure it
      will be acajon that will last for a loooong time (even a lifetime if you don’t bash it like a wild beast)
      My advice, don’t go for the cheapest for starting out (unless you are really very unsure if you’d even play it). If you intend to start practising, train right from the start with a cajon that is good. I seriously hope I helped you!
      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  17. Mel

    Hi there,
    I’ve just been given a cajon for christmas because I saw you playing on the Southbank one day and wanted to learn to play ever since! Thanks for introducing me to the instrument. I was drawn to it first for the fact that it looks absolutely cool and sassy especially female players… And it sounds amazing…like a full drum kit without the hassle of carting it around.
    I have absolutely no percussion experience…in fact I’m a classical pianist so embarking on this journey would be totally opposite to anything I’ve done before.
    Trying to find a decent book ( and compared to the amount of tuition books available for other instruments there are not that many) is quite difficult. Hopefully I’ll be able to learn a lot here . Thanks for doing this…really!

    • Heidi Joubert

      Aaah what a nice nice comment, I am extremely happy that my website and lessons could be of service!!! Thumbs up for getting into it!! Keep going and always have fun grooving! X

  18. Zero Chan

    I am a drummer and guitarist. A worship team needed me to carol outdoor with them recently, but there’s no drums outdoor! So my music teacher gave me a Cajon, and I started to find the tutorials on the internet. After that I found that Cajon is absolutely amazing and the world of percussions is bigger than I’ve ever thought! I think I should leave my drum throne and learn more about percussions. Now I have replaced the chair in front of my computer with a Cajon. I’ve learnt lots of things here, Thank you very very much!

  19. gines

    Gracias por existir.Quiero aprender a tocar el cajon¿me puedes ayudar?.No puedo pagarte , pero si vienes por España -Valencia- a las cervezas invito yo.Saludos y abrazos.
    PD;¿Hablas expañol?

  20. Miguel Rúa

    Te escribo en español que veo que te defiendes bastante bien en la lengua de Cervantes.. 😛
    Me encanta esta página, he visto un par de video tuyos y me han encantado, las caras que pones cuando tocas el cajón son típicas caras de un apasionado y que verdaderamente lo sientes.
    También soy percusionista y desde hace un año y medio tengo un cajón peruano. Me ha servido mucho tu video de “Bulerias” ya que el “Tempo” es muy diferente del que estoy acostumbrado.
    Yo por herencia de mi padre, he aprendido desde niño a tocar Congas, bongos y timbaletas… vamos, lo relacionado con salsa, merenque, bachata… y toda la música caribeña relacionada.
    Desde que vine a España me he enamorado de la música española y era inevitable comprarme un cajón y tocar la música con maestros de la guitarra.
    Así que muchas gracias y si algún día te pasas por España os esperamos en “L’Espineta” (Calafell – Tarragona)

  21. guillermo

    Hi bella Heidi, your work is fantastic, i m from Argentina and i like the Cajon (Cajon Peruano).Those cruz cajon, and prk cajon are Flamenco?? with bordona??. Sorry my english is orin.
    I m a bass guitar player, but the percusssion is so close to me. Cajon peruano, cuerdas de candombe, bongo, timbal….Well, you´re an amazing mixture (beautiful and esplendid payer). i ´m a new fan. good life, peace, kisses.
    Good videos, post more videos with the band.
    Saludos desde latinoamérica.

    • Heidi Joubert

      Hey Guillermo!
      Si they are both flamenco cajons, but I can get a Peruvian Cruz cajon made specially for you if you want it, it will sound wonderful as well without the strings. Thanks for the very kind words chico, me gusta, muchisimo! 🙂 I will for sure be posting more vids of the band!
      Un abrazo desde londres!

  22. Tannis

    Heidi, you’re my new favorite person! I play djembe and was considering adding a set of bongos to the mix but, uh-uh….not anymore! I’m waiting for the demo vids…all I need to decide now is, piano or guitar. Hahaha, life is awesome. 🙂

  23. Miguel Rojales

    Hello, I recently picked up a cajon I love the damn thing! I play a regular set. Your band rips! you rip!! thank you for taking time to make these videos i am for sure a student they help out soo much keep riping hope to see your live show one day.

    • Heidi Joubert

      Gracias Miguel!! :-)))


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